Cute Girl Network: adorable, illustrated skate-punk love-story


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Oh, hey, Manic Pixie Dream Girl.

Eh, I didn’t get that from her.

Worth reading just for the Twilight scene.


It’s just like me when I meet someone I like!
Only he actually talked to her.

Not really. Manic Pixie Dream Girls don’t have friends or jobs. They vanish into the ether whenever they leave the vicinity of the male protagonist. This appears to be a genuine female character.

…MPDG is gonna lose all meaning and turn into a word for “character I don’t like,” isn’t it. Just like “Mary Sue.”


Why is it always “cute girls”? Not every pre-teen or teen girl is considered “cute” by her peers. I know I and a lot of my friends weren’t. This is great to a degree, but the idea that a girl still has to be “cute” to get what you want to get (like love) seems to be counterproductive.

There’s also the thing of making a definition so restrictive that it refers only to a very small set of characters or even one particular character. This woman lives a life where, apparently, all of her co-workers are assholes (unlike the male protagonist) and all of her roommates/friends make fun of Twilight (original, that) and bitch about their boyfriends. That’s stacking the deck hugely in favor of the dude.

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