Disneyland's un-gangs


A friend posted up this cute article today about a little girl who makes her own paper dresses and one of them so reminded me of what you are describing:

If these “un-gangs” supposedly “help people out,” what’s with giving Mickey an atomic wedgie on the biker patch logo?

That’s what Disneyland was missing: cliques.


Queen Bee – Leader: rules by “charisma, force, money, looks, will, & manipulation”.
Sidekick – Lieutenant: invariably supports the Queen Bee’s opinions.
Banker – Gossip: collects and employs information for her own gain until part of clique, then works for benefit of Queen Bee and Sidekick.
Floater – Similar to a Liaison; closely associated with multiple cliques.
Pleaser – Can be in or out of clique: immediately adopts all of the Queen Bee and Sidekick’s opinions, yet never gains their approval and is often treated with indifference by the Queen Bee.
Target – Outside of the clique; regularly excluded and humiliated.


Leader – Like the Queen Bee except well-respected: Athletic, tough, rich, & gets the girls.
Flunkie – Like the Pleaser, he does anything asked of him, but he also responds to any member. Inadvertently annoys others with his actions regularly.
Thug – Although often smarter than he lets on, the Thug communicates primarily through nonverbal bullying. He typically appears popular, but may have had a rough past or childhood.
The Get Wits – Groupies of male clique: respected by adults as high-achieving “good kids,” but only unsought tag-a-longs to the clique.
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I encountered the Neverlanders several times last year when I had a residency at Disney Imagineering, and I loved the way they blended counterculture and fandom.

I bet they get “oh, grow UP!” a lot.

To be fair most of it comes from inadvertent Mr. Wilson cosplay.

I wonder if Disney calls the cops on Steam Punk Gangs?

Our entire country has a Peter Pan complex.

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