Teen comes out to her family on Disneyland's Splash Mountain


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Not only was this was an amazing way to come out I’m glad she’s having a good time on the ride. Half her fellow riders look like they’re not enjoying it at all.



This is awesome. Happy news!


Some of the other riders don’t look to be having a “gay ol’ time” at all!


clever and fun. yep, she’s totally gay.


So happy it sounds like she’s not getting hate mail. Is minding your own business the new normal?



Are you referring to the “Fun” sisters: “Be No”, “See No”, and “Have No”?


What is the current censorship policy for personal statements at the park now? They used to automatically delete political and declarative statements right along with the boobs and fingers.

I know Disney has become a lot more progressive in the past couple of decades, are they this cool now too?


Yeah, I must admit that I’m more intrigued by the fact that three riders have the exact same arms-crossed-and-pissed-off-look pose. What are the odds of that?


They may just be tense. They may also be foreign and have a culture that has different expressive patterns than those we are used to.


Pretty low odds. Everyone I know has a plan for the photo op when they go on this ride. My sister, my niece and I winked and put a thumbs up. I figure that the three ladies’ plan was to look unimpressed.


Cersei Lannister: Time Traveler(?)



Had to look that one up…never seen GoT.


But, her sign is going to get all wet, and its only paper, and will probably fall apart :worried:


Ahhh…this must be one of those Wonderful Things I keep hearing about.


That was my guess too :smiley: