Disneyland social clubs accused of behaving like outlaw motorcycle gangs


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Pin trading’s a cutthroat hobby, man.


I want this Gangs of New York remake so badly now.

“You, whatever your name is… What is your name?”
“Anaheim, sir.”
“Anaheim… I’m New Walt… Don’t you never come in here empty-handed again. You gotta pay for the pleasure of my company.”


Something Something Nuka Cola World



Don’t mess with those Jack Sparrows. They’ll cut ya… right in front of the Pirates of the Caribbean line.


They’re going to get kicked out of the ad-hoc for that.


Thirties? I was expecting dudes in their sixties! Who has time for such tomfoolery in their thirties?


Sounds like nobody grew up from being petulant children.


What a bunch of princesses


Funny. Last time I was there with my kids I at first thought “huh, lots of biker gangs here today” but then looked a little closer and realized they were something else…


My first thought on seeing those gang names, too. I’d also love to see a Main Street USA attraction where rival fire companies get into a donnybrook while a building burns down behind them.

This story just goes to show you that some people are such bullying jerks that they can bring misery to the Happiest Place on Earth.


Last time I was there it was gangs of old people in mobility scooters.


Instead of whining to the park management, they should have initiated a choreographed dance battle right there on the spot.


Just old people? Those mobility scooters seem to be occupied by adults of all ages. Wouldn’t it be awesome if they formed a “social club” and then wore the vests and all rode together on scooters?


A lot of people have realized that if you don’t care about rental costs or your dignity, a mobility scooter is your ticket to getting in private back-door lines to rides, getting first dibs on bus transportation, and never having to walk around the parks in the Florida heat. I’ll wager that 90% of their users are entirely capable of walking on their own without any problem.


Grown adults.


These people are called assholes. Like you really have to make a gang out of going to Disneyland ??? Fock me. I’ll bet they’re just as charming everywhere they go :confused:


Not since 2013. That is, they still use the accessible entrance but no longer skip the wait. Apparently too many able-bodied people exploiting the loophole.