Corporate sovereignty: already costing the EU billions


When did profits become more important than democracy?

Why should a foreign business have more say in how you run your country than your own citizens?


This has been a big issue in Germany, which also fears things like food that only meets lax USA guidelines being hawked over here.

I think that’s what everybody except the politicians and the corporations is asking.


Why is it whenever a treaty is about doing the right thing, like, say, reducing emissions, or no torture, or making things right with aboriginal/native peoples, they get violated all the time, but whenever it’s odious stuff like this, everyone’s all “can’t do a thing, even by legislation, it’s in a treaty.”

(Though I think we all know the answer is really that the people who could do something, they don’t want to do anything. :P)


I don’t know if it’s much comfort, but allowing a corporation to sue does not guarantee they will win, and even if they win, I don’t imagine they are allowed to simply pick their favorite damages. Are they?

Is a sovereign corporation in as much potential peril from a sovereign state as is a sovereign citizen? To whose law is it subject? Its own? Under whose protection is it? Its own? Can it be invaded? Can its ‘citizens’ (employees? management?) be rendered off to camps by other sovereign entities?

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Profit has always been more important, to certain types of people. It’s only been in recent decades that corporations have become global entities, unhindered by the borders that humans choose to recognize, and too powerful for individual politicians to tackle.

The people who fear One World Government should not be looking fearfully at any particular nation, or at the Bilderbergers or the Illuminati. They should be looking at the gigacorporations and the executives who control them. It’s not really a conspiracy, it’s just a small number of like-minded people wielding immense power, working toward the same goal: more for themselves.


Here is a recording of some of this EU ‘negotiation’…

Yep. Give the few people the smell of a directorship and they will sell out. Not really negotiation as you or I know it, Jim…

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Utterly fucking heinous, dastardly bastardry: par for the corporate course.

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