Rare look at how big business defends "Investor State Dispute Settlements"

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This too shall pass.

and it’ll be a bitch to repeal.


Investor State Dispute Settlements make sense when the courts are known to be corrupt. The better solution is to develop and preserve a impartial judiciary, but sometimes the ISDS can be fairly characterized as the least bad method in the absence of a good alternative.

Then again, the Eastern District of Texas is patent troll heaven.

When did the profitability of a corporation become more important than the well-being of citizens, or even the sovereignty of a nation?


Well before 1839


Welcome to the future. You are considered a potential future terrorist against the interests of stateless sovereign corporations and as such all electronic transactions are being recorded as well as face-recognition technology being employed in public spaces and special security zones. This is for your protection and the protection of the public at large. If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.


Don’t I recall the Great Houses in Dune began as corporations, which gained more and more power until their heads became hereditary nobility - de facto, and then de jure?

Good thing that’s just fiction, huh?


Things have been busy recently on the ‘international instruments designed for poor people in dustry countries reconsidered as they threaten to come home to roost’ front. First the IMF grows a sudden distaste for exploitative and economically unrealistic sovereign debt loads; now Team Europe is standing in the way of low-friction corpronational sacrifice zones.


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