Cory at Reddit AMA, San Diego Comic-Con, and Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego

This Thursday, I’ll be doing a Reddit AMA with a bunch of authors from the current Humble Ebook Bundle, at 1230h Eastern/0930h Pacific/1730h UK. Then I head to San Diego to teach the Clarion Workshop, and I’ll be taking part in the instructor’s lecture series at the Mysterious Galaxy bookstore, speaking on July 16 at… READ THE REST

Awesome Cory! What subreddit will the AMA be in?

Not sure, but it’ll be linked off the main AMA page while it’s going down (and I’ll post a link to it when we start)

Walking distance from the SD Convention Center, due north and next to the Star Of India ship, is a seafood restaurant called Anthony’s, with a formal dining room as well as an informal, “quickie” outdoor area. Do yourself a favor, go and try the red, fisherman’s style clam chowder, a thing of beauty that’s been a San Diego staple for decades upon decades.

Cory, thanks for the kind words for The Walking Dead and Witch Doctor! Hope you find some time to stop by The Skybound booth at SDCC. And I hope I’m there if you do.
[edit: where is this BBS pulling avatars from? Interesting.]
[edit 2: found it: gravatar. should’ve guessed based on the fractal avatars.]

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