Cory coming to Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, SF/Palo Alto!


Thanks bro, keep up the good work, viva la lucha!
Too bad y’aint doin the youth talk in Van. But yer sold out too. One talk left but it’s $20 at 10Am. A real writer fanatic would go, these things usually pretty full schedule, eh?(I gave u an ‘eh’ but I don’t know how to use ‘oot and aboot’ maybe when yer out east past Tarana T.

Were you on UA 931 with me yesterday? I recognized the specs and red shoelaces - didn’t want to bug you - or interrupt my episode of Inspector Morse - as you passed by my bulkhead for the loo queue.

I remember the old days at Nickie’s Haight Street Barbecue, spinning James Brown and Jack McDuff discs for SRL and residents of the local housing projects. Dave Eggers used to be there too.
None of us were famous then - and I’m still not. :wink:

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