See Cory in Utah, Boston, Toronto and Waterloo!

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Hey @doctorow, are you doing anything else while you’re in Park City?

That Fire conference you’re speaking at wants a minimum of $6,500 to attend.

Conference Fees:
Registration is $5,900*.
Standard SNS Membership for non-members is $595.
*A Standard SNS Membership fee will be applied to non-member registrations

Sorry, nope – it’s very much a flying visit (I’m there for EFF, need to get to MIT the next day.

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Damn, it took a lot of reading to figure out that Cory is NOT demonstrating an ability to bi-locate. Thanks, headline writer, for wasting my time!

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““See Cory in Utah””"

SWEEET, where’s he going to be?

“Park City”

Eeeuuggggghhhhhhhhhh … ok maybe I’ll suck it up

“Stein Eriksen Lodge [~] Registration is $5,900”

Throws tablet out window


“the Berman Center” <— Berkman!

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


The one week I’m not in Boston… I’m missing the Aquabats tomorrow, too.

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@doctorow I am in Waterloo the week after for the Polar Data forum, would have loved to hear your talk live.

What tricks do you do?

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What’s your talk going to be about at Seneca? The event literally has no details other than date, time and location.


That’s the where, not the what. Unless he’s going there to talk about Newnham campus :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure has changed a lot since I was there in '93 :wink:

Seneca has 11 campuses now!

I was so shocked to see a residence at Newnham! Crazy batman!

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