Could the Game of Thrones poisoning happen in real life?

“Spoiler warning alert: There is an upcoming “Spoilers Ahead” warning, ahead. You have been warned.”

Maybe a trigger warning is needed for the especially spoiler-sensitive.

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You forget his “uncle”, who was the first person to rush to his side. No matter how horribly his “nephew” treated him, blood will out.

He will get over it very quickly, trust me…

LOL…I’ll bet you’re right.

I think this theory is right on the money. I watched it again last night and Oleanna definitely touches the necklace and in the next shot a crystal is missing. How she delivered O don’t know. But there are so many shots that focus on her.

Well yeah, this is pretty much pulled straight from the books (though I believe in the book it was a bejeweled hair net, as opposed to a necklace).

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