Could we accidentally bestow human-style awareness into a pig?


Agreed. This skims like an absurdly long scrollscrollscrolldown self-promo.


So many nightmares in that image




*Pedant trap catches another one…




I use blog view (as do many). Why would I click through to the article’s dedicated page when the entire article is already in the blog view?


My mistake. Apologies.


No, no. I should have been clearer in my original post that I was in blog view. (I just assume all sensible people are!) :wink:
And you nearly got an embarrassed apology from ME - until I realised what I was looking at.


*hangs head in shame*


Ahah! The important missing info that means I can make sense of the request! :smiley:

The blog view is a recreation of early-2000s Boing Boing, when all the posts were short. It’s cleaned up a bit as it is – refining it would make for an interesting parralel universe.


Why do you assume that pigs don’t already have “human-style” awareness?


make the short pigs the same as the long pigs, then it doesn’t matter which we eat!


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