Counting cuts in 'There Will Be Blood' yields interesting insights

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They should also probably cite Walter Murch,, who talked about this 20 years ago.


I watched this when it hit YouTube last week. I suppose that it is an interesting exercise, but it strikes me as a mathematician’s method for quantifying art. It’s like trying to understand The Guernica by giving the dimensions of the canvas, and the quantity of paint Picasso used to make it.


You’re not far from the truth. Many artists used Jay Hambidge’s mathematic system of Dynamic Symmetry to construct paintings, and many critics (including my former art teacher, Betty Dickerson) suspect Picasso of using similar principles in his art. She was constantly mapping out his works as an exercise in composition.


I really do not like the font NerdWriter uses. About 2/3 in, I noticed that I had stopped listening to the commentary alltogether and was just staring at the text.

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