Incredible digital technique brings master paintings to unsettling life




Oh noes, nekkid people and +gasp+ children .... where is the censor??


Of everything holy that is the most beautiful and heartrending thing I have ever seen.


Really nice. A good deal of those paintings are by Bougereau, one of my all-time favourites.


Very well done. Art, made into more art! A wonderful thing, indeed.

This is an example of transformative art.

This is not.


Terry Gilliam did it over 40 years ago--to greater effect I think...


Here ya go..


EXACTLY the one I was thinking of...! ;-D


Here, at the website for the film, is the list of paintings used, in order:


and, I just discovered, if you 'click' on an item in the list, the individual animation opens up!


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