The amazing Renaissance Art GIFs of James Kerr, aka Scorpion Dagger




A modern Terry Gilliam.


Hmmm. The bar for “amazing” seems to be set pretty low these days. I find actual Renaissance paintings amazing. This, eh, amusing for all of 15 seconds.


Into actual Renaissance paintings AND unimpressed? I’m all a tingle with anticipation of what you’ll turn your nose at next.


Hmmm. Well, 15 seconds is about how long most GIFs are amusing for.

I think these are exceptional. They’re surprising, surreal, and hilariously ridiculous.


I spent over 20 seconds on a few. Does that mean I am deep, or just slow?


So many people are into “Renaissance Painting” these days just for the glamour.

I’m only into alla prima Renaissance painting where the oil is still wet.



Really, there’s only two kinds of art – paintings you like, and paintings I used to like.


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