Superheroes and sf characters in Dutch Renaissance style


I guess all it takes to be dutch Renaissance is a neck ruffle.


Yeah, I don’t want to pull the “I’m an art historian” card, but… I am. These aren’t that interesting.


Some work for me, most don’t. Wanted to see Joker a la Bosch…

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Yeah, I really wanted to like these. Nice photography. And they are kind of cool as Elizabethanish super hero cosplay, but the basic silhouette is off on these, kind of like those vinage photos of burlesque performers in “Elizabethan” costumes. Also, these don’t seem all that Dutch, either.

Everyone playing the art-historian-card clearly didn’t click through to page 2 for R2D2.


I rather liked the Lincoln Lanthorn and cats in ruffs are cool.

He could have put the photographs in an optical device and made paintings from them. That might be a way to give the veneer of Vermeer, so to speak.

Described as spectacular here, and stunning at the other place I’ve seen these. Judging from the reaction here I’m not alone in thinking they’re just kinda neat. Artificial excitement just seems… advertise-y. Hell, I clicked so I guess it works.

Beeneth there, doneth that

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