Renaissance Space Invaders art




I first played Space Invaders when I was living in southern France in the early '80s, and I also visited a lot of old churches and museums that displayed Renaissance and older art, so this really tickles my nostalgia bone.


"All thy base hath belong..."


I'd love to play an actual sidescroller using this art style.


Patchwork Heroes on PSP isn't a sidescroller and not quite it, but probably the closest I can think of.


Space invaders up above, but what's below? Donkey Kong?


Interesting juxtaposition in my reading material:

Renaissance Aliens: Fazio Cardano's 1491 Close Encounter


So the purpose of their visit was - that a bunch of space traveling rejects paid him a visit to.. Affirm things that such entities would be no subject to? Billions of Miles of travel, or an instant in spacetime, to come and talk about - what, exactly? Please..:)


I don't know. You might want to ask the entry's author?


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