London street art



Hey man - where is that? Like - the precise details?!?! I won’t cut it out and sell it for meeelionz to a Manhattanite!

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He doesn’t even specify the country. It could be in any number of places named London. Curse you Weisberger!

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Ach, there goes my fortune. Again. Some local municipality will nab it, and it will display nicely on the 114th floor of a swanky high rise, utterly out of place and utterly out of sight.

Mind - a great thing to show off at parties! “Hey, where’dja get that cool … thing?” “Yeah, didn’t even clean it, it’s so gritty, so edgy, so … you know, like, right?!”

I was wondering if it was the French guy. I always enjoy looking for the little invaders when I am in France…


Which is the reason this type of art is proper art, and should stay where the artist puts it! It adds a dimension to a town, it’s clever and witty, it’s interstitial.

(I thought you might be being … [word] … ah, obtuse … when I see ‘French’ and ‘Invaders’ in the same sentence, having lived a long time in England, funny things happen in my head. I have a friend with the family name ‘Archer’, married to a French lass, and even that makes me grin in a funny inside way)

I forgot to grab the GPS data. Anything less would be a disservice to you.

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I was just whining that the country isn’t named because when someone says London, it’s assumed they mean the one in England. There are a bunch of places named London in the US and a city in Ontario, Canada.

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I can see how that’d piss you off. Paris Las Vegas is way more legit than the one in France.

London, England doesn’t have this claim to fame though. The birthplace of Justin Bieber!

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