Watch this artisan install a vertigo-inducing tile floor


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Trippy, literally…


Looks just like a guy laying tile. The real artisanship was done by the cutters.


Is the tile vomit proof?

Because it needs to be vomit proof.


As a tile-installer, I take a little offense to this comment. Even in a paint-by-number situation like this, there are no spacers he can use for these lines and no way to check them with a straight-edge like you normally would. I have no doubt that these tiles were manufactured like this using moulds but in most cases, if they were cut, they would be cut by the installer.

It’s really interesting to me how they filled the gap on the right to make it look like the wall dips with the tile.


And if you go outside to clear your head…


I think you should start every rebuttal with this statement, regardless of topic :wink:


As a tile-installer, I take a little offense to this comment.


Missing the rebuttal.


Look: as a tile-installer…


My avatar has wisely counseled that I stop right here.


Amazeballs. And the first use of vertical video that I’ve seen make at least some sense…


As a plumber, I would just like to point out the unfairness of the term “plumber’s crack”. It should really be called “crouching construction contractor’s crack”, or CCCC



I was sittin’ here, enjoying the video, and then I saw the squat-dab at the end.

I almost logged in to dislike it, but that would be a tacit admission.


100% agree. I don’t know why but seeing someone dab really triggers my inner rage.


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