Death Star wall tiles


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Real-world nurnies and greebling… brilliant.

And if those terms aren’t familiar to you, do a quick web search; fun guaranteed for all.


They’re gorgeous, but I wouldn’t want to dust them.


Ya beat me to it…

If they’re really tile, install them on blue board with shower grout and you could just hose 'em down… Or blast with compressed air.

…or a proton torpedo.

Reverse the flow?

That was my first thought too, and I resent that I have become so grown-up and boring.


the fact that you are contemplating getting these suggest that you should have access to compressed air canisters.


This is great! Taken from my copy of ‘The Star Wars Sketchbook’ by Joe Johnston (published 1977):

"The bulk of Death Star models were derived from six modular but very different two foot square minature panels that were molded in high density foam. These pieces could be cut a apart and rearranged to form endless variations of surface. "

Wall tiles? I immediately thought game table tiles!

Looks like a mold-making project for 3D Printer Man!

Why would anyone design such a major vulnerability into their own home theater?


Reminds me of this:

Be careful with that laser pointer, Eugene.

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No word on whether you can buy more tiles from the company, but they’d sure liven up any room.

That’s no room…

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