Death Star heart necklace


That’s not a fully operational battle station. That’s a stylized polymer clay model of a fully operational battle station. Couldn’t fry a gnat, much less a planet.

Pretty, but much less functional than the original.

(What about some jewels with concealed weapons? I once made for someone a necklace with a hidden dagger, and there are those classical poison-containing rings…)

Edit: Thought: What about at least adding a green laser? Put the module along the plane of the object, and then reflect the beam out of the aperture with a little mirror?


Technically, the Death Star wasn’t a fully operational battle station either - it was a stylized model made of plastic, foam and other materials that was used as a prop in a movie.

Also, technically it’s a Death Star heart pendant.


But that’s just being pendantic.

(also, it comes with a necklace!)


Shutup shutup shutup! It is too real! Or else what did Wedge give his life for?

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Wedge Antilles was hit, but he survived both Death Star attacks. Alas, Lt. Jek “Tono” Porkins was not so lucky:

Lies of old men in secure undisclosed locations, and bankers’ profits, like most soldiers do?

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