A piece of the original Death Star is on the auction block

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Noice! I think you can see the actual section (or its ‘cast-mate’) to the right of the person closest to the surface of the death star at about head height. Then another casting of it is at knee height and rotated 90˚ CW from the one above it. Seems legit or a nice repro.


My half birthday is coming up. Just saying…


The world’'s biggest greeble store is Greedo’s Groovy Greebles. The greatest selection, Greedo’s Groovy Greebles. Route 17, Paramus. Where the customer always shoots first.


You can probably find these things scattered all over Yavin or Endor for free.


The prop was kept by an ex-ILM employee for the next 37 years, and stored in a safe for the last 4 years.

It was in 2014, a mere 33 years after the fact, that I thought to myself, “This might be valuable, I shall keep it in a safe!”

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One of the guys who played Greedo walked away with his resin prop gun, which he let his kids played with and they destroyed. He said in hindsight it would be worth some money now…

Also - kids ruin everything :wink:

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Good thing the Empire wasn’t forward thinking with mixed crews. I keep wondering which surface bit was the daycare center.

This would look great behind my 1/55 scale Macross Valks.

I always heard the daycare was the Death Star’s moon.

No wonder Han shot first (or just shot, whatever). Poor Greedo couldn’t shoot at all.


Yavin is a gas giant, so collecting them would be difficult (maybe Lando can help with his gas mining expertise?), and as for Endor…


I hope you have a hazmat suit.


You could use this piece to start rebuilding, but the plans are not in the main computer.

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