Star Wars planetary drinking glasses


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Coulda, shoulda made the glasses to scale. That way, the Death Star would be a shot glass.


Shouldn’t Alderaan just be a small pile of broken glass pieces?

Too soon?


Nope, not too soon. Not even by a parsec…


I dropped mine and the sound of it breaking was if millions of drinks suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.


We could have one with a built-in green laser pointer.


“That’s no moon, it’s barely a thimble!”


I would really pay a lot more for these if they weren’t wrapped plastic and able to be put in the dishwasher.


I was kind of wondering why it even made the list. Nothing much happens there, except kablooie.


Never underestimate the importance of an earth(or other planet)-shattering kaboom.


So, the Tatooine glass is for really, really, really dry martinis?


The Death Star, too should just be an even smaller pile of broken glass pieces.



The Hoth one is only for slushies.


Jesus, yeah, $8+ each for glasses with stickers on them? #DisappointedWithThinkGeek


Whoa, it’s STICKERS?!? For this price I’d expect etched-in paint, at least.

Thought. 3d-print a “lathe”-like assembly, to hold a round object (here, the glass) in the printer (or laser cutter), horizontally, with adjustable axial rotation angle. Then use a printer head with etchant or paint dispenser, or a laser for engraving. Or maybe a rotating diamond engraving tip.


After a few minutes in Photoshop …


Well, I exaggerate a little; it’s printed heat-shrink plastic. Still ridiculous.


That’s even worse. Stickers degrade by gradual abrasion and scratches. Shrinkwrap degrades by tearing at the edges and then peeling off.

One wonders where the vendors take the audacity to sell us this.


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