The DEATH STAR, an armored weed grinder with enough power to grind weed


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Do you have to assemble it, or does it come fully armed and operational?


Maybe because I’ve been doing yardwork, but I was fully expecting a weed-eater attachment to take care of those pesky weeds for good.


Appears to be a Rogue One/New Hope based Death Star.


Does it have an exhaust port? You know, for blowing smoke?


Many Bothans died to bring this to market.


That headline made me laugh, just saying.


That’s no moon…


Silly me: I wasn’t sure what this referenced, so I decided to check out the amazon link. After looking at the related sponsored products:

I’m even less sure…


Have you never searched for the Ark of the Covenant?


Yes, but I failed.

But at least I know why now: I forgot my superior bondage spanking paddle!


Evidently the search for proof of god, and wacking your partner in the ass really hard, go hand-in-hand.


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