WATCH: Kid gets new 3D-printed prosthetic StormTrooper arm



New methods can 3D print high-strength aluminum alloys

That’s about the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. When I was a kid, no idea filled me with more terror than amputation. If something like this had been around back then, I think I might have openly coveted the chance to replace my boring old regular limbs with badass aftermarket replacements.


All children should be given prosthetic Storm Trooper arms, then if they go on a shooting rampage they can’t hit anything.


Sure but thats a Clone Trooper arm.

Rex, Fives and so many more…


Well, that does bring up the question of when the Quality Control began to fail. Personally I was always kinda bothered by the fact that “Only Imperial Stormtroopers are so precise” and “I can’t see a thing in this helmet” were in the very same (Lucas-penned) script.


And do you see any stormtroopers manage to hit anything they’re aiming at from that point on?

I think prosthetics are really interesting. My old uni dept does a fair bit of work in that sort of area.


Yeah, Stormtroopers never hit ANYTHING. Clone Troopers managed to land a lot of fire, but its all on droids.


No sir, you do not. Except once, one of them wings Leia outside the bunker on the Endor moon (though he was probably aiming for Han).

But even though Kenobi (apparently in all seriousness) informs us of the deadly accuracy of the stormtroopers, they can’t actually hit nuthin’. And the farmboy who complains how he can’t see in the helmet and his force-blind smuggler compatriot (similarly ill-fitted to a helmet that I gotta think was either molded specifically to fit Jango Fett’s head-shape, or that of the conscript trooper that Solo cold-cocked after his “Hey down there! Can you give us a hand with this?” bit) manage to outshoot a handful of well-armed guards and all the security cameras in the detention block. Yeah, right.

I’m beginning to suspect it was only a movie.


“Isn’t he a little short for a stormtrooper”?


[quote=“Donald_Petersen, post:8, topic:49883”]
But even though Kenobi (apparently in all seriousness) informs us of the deadly accuracy of the stormtroopers, they can’t actually hit nuthin’.[/quote]
Point of order: We know that Vader allowed the Falcon to escape so the tracking device he’d planted on board would lead him to the rebel base. Ergo, the stormtroopers chasing around the Death Star (and the TIE pilots sent in pursuit) were under orders to make a lot of noise (so the rebels wouldn’t get suspicious) but not actually hit anybody.

Explains a lot, doesn’t it?


And Jedi, but only for one movie.


Order 66. Broke my heart.


Until that first Death Star gets blown up. After that, you have the botched attack on Hoth (most Rebels successfully evacuated, few if any prisoners of value taken or killed), the unsuccessful and expensive pursuit of the Falcon into the asteroid field (costing numerous TIE fighters and at least one Star Destroyer), the loss of high-value prisoners Chewbacca and Leia (and the narrow escape of Luke Skywalker) on Cloud City, followed at last by the disastrous battle on the Endor moon and the loss of a second Death Star, the Super Star destroyer Executor, and two highly-placed Sith Lords, all of which could have been prevented had certain stormtroopers been better shots in Mos Eisley, inside the Death Star I, outside the Death Star I, on Hoth, near the Anoat system, on Cloud City, on the forest moon, or around Death Star II.

All they lacked was a Yakety Sax soundtrack.


You know how Obi Wan had a big speech in Star Wars about how striking him down would make him more powerful than ever, and yet for the rest of the films his ghost apparently does fuck-all? Well, everything that happens after the death of Obi Wan, it was all down to him - “force nudging” all the stormtroopers’ aims off, distracting pilots by making “Whoooo” noises in their ears and generally helping defeat them. How else, for example, did you think a bunch of primitive teddy bears managed to defeat an entire imperial garrison? With rocks? That’s just crazy.


I was hanging out tonight with an old friend who lost his right arm to a train a few years back. His prosthetic, while no Storm Trooper arm, is at least covered in leopard print.

You take what you can get.


This seems to be a great way to get a kid to ‘own’ the prosthetic. It is documented to be a serious blow to body image loosing a limb, at least making it cool by installing some spy gadgets or other sci-fi/spy stuff will help a % of people own the prsthesis. It sure would for me.
The age old generic hook would be hard for me to accept as a part of me or even as a good tool without super strength, a pop-out Gatling gun, maybe a concealed mobile phone or EPIRB. OTOH how many of us have considered the possibilities of full Robocop or Ghost in the Shell prosthesis.
Nothing breeds contempt more easily than pity, this takes the prosthesis from being a pity thing to a cool thing, make the other kids jealous.


I can help imagining a high stakes poker game with a brutal Thomas the Tank Engine.


Most of those are less about stormtroopers (and TIE pilots and star destroyer crews–isn’t this broadening the argument a little?) being incompetent and more about rebels being better, luckier, or having an unexpected advantage. I maintain that stormtroopers are solid troops in general.

In particular, note that the Ewoks’ initial success was due entirely to surprise and prepared traps. Once the traps were expended and the stormtroopers regrouped, they were mopping up until Chewie got control of the AT-ST he’d jacked in the confusion.

(Edit: Now, the Imperial military leadership has serious problems with carelessness borne of arrogance. They routinely make the sort of mistakes that the US made in Vietnam and that everyone has and does make in the Middle East, i.e. assuming that passionate and desperate guerrillas are no match for technological superiority. Their main tactic is overwhelming force, and they have trouble dealing with an enemy who won’t stand still and let them hit him. Having a commander-in-chief who murders anyone who screws up isn’t a good way to build an experienced officer corps, either. But none of that is the Poor Bloody Infantry’s fault.)


These are the makers you are looking for…


I’d agree that the Stormtroopers are sound. Shooting is one of the less important parts of soldiering; especially in a totalitarian state. Looking threatening, following orders unquestioningly and being able to stand around for long periods of time are far more important.