Adam Savage proves Star Wars blasters can't be lasers


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Like, two feet?


Does explain why they’re not very accurate!


Wookieepedia says that blasters fire bursts of particle beam energy. A particle beam being defined as “a form of projectile that utilized coherent particles of energy”.

So… Yeah.


Since there’s no noticeable fall off, I’d also conclude that they are mass-less.


Huh - did they change it? In the West End role playing game it was supposed to be basically a blob of gas or plasma. At any rate, not a laser.


No idea. It’s Wookieepedia. Even the particle beam article linked from the blaster article that I linked above seems to say that particle beams are not the same as blaster bolts? And both articles say they aren’t properly following the sourcing guidelines. So yeah, basically just whatever the nerds decided to make up on the fly.


That pretty much means laser. But since when did science matter to Star Wars? They have a giant snake full of bats that lives inside an airless asteroid. They have sound and gravity in space.


I think that thing currently lives under my daughter’s bed. It would explain a lot…


I’ve never once heard anyone refer to those as “laser blasters” - only as “blaster.” Therefore, I reject your reality, and substitute my own.


Well, exactly. They also have magic shamans with the ability to manipulate matter with their minds and perform mind control on the weak-willed. I’m not sure why everybody gets all bound up in the details.



The no sound in space criticism always bothers me a little. Admittedly you wouldn’t hear most things in space, but things like a planet or city sized ship exploding would probably be audible because they would throw off an enormous amount of gas and dust making the vacuum a lot less vacuumey. On the other hand it might sound a lot more like waves of dust than a bang, but still I doubt an explosion that size is something you would sleep through if your ship was anywhere close.


I never thought blasters were lasers. I always assumed they were using charged particles or plasma.


Love Adam Savage still, but Mythbusters has been kind of shitty for a while now. This is really just nonsense, And I still have no idea why they got rid of Kari and the boys.


This EW piece was the closest I came to reading anything concrete about it, but even then it’s not really saying anything. Sounds like they were changing the format around, and in doing so Kari and the boys got axed.


Well done!


135mph is about 198 feet per second. Pistol ammunition ranges from about 800 to 1400 fps.

Blasters are shitty weapons. It’s as though at some point everyone agreed to dispense with projectiles and adopt weapons that could be deflected by some sort of lightweight plastic armor. And have you noticed the inside of your helmet? The lenses are just glued in. The other day, all of the windows looking out into the docking bay turned bright green. No ships, no star field…nothing there but bright green…


Same deal in Star Trek. There have been multiple examples of super-high-tech civilizations staging ambushes with weapons that create a bright red beam pointing right back to the point of origin, allowing those being attacked to instantly discern their location. Forget all that Phaser bullshit, I’d take any half decent sniper with a bolt-action rifle.


Ahhh, Kari.