Star Wars, but it gets faster every time a shot is fired


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That was so fast I didn’t even see Alderaan blown up.


I was thinking when Han shot Greedo would do it for me, but yeah, that whizzed by pretty fast.


WTF was the point of that? Yeah, every one knows Star Wars has a lot of blaster shots. Its not called Star Tea Party.


In a way the Rebellion was looking for Smaller Government.


Coming January 2017!



“It’s just… so… beautiful…”
– Teary-eyed George Lucas


It’s in there


You’re far too trusting.



I want to see one with Casino that speeds up every time someone says “fuck”


Nobody fires any lasers in Star Wars.

Also, Special Edition? Come on, man.




Yeah, yeah, and there’s “turbolasers” too, but clearly none of those are actual lasers. Maybe they use lasers to heat the plasma bolts or something?


Well, lightsabers obviously aren’t swords or made of light. But no one’s going to call them spooling self-rigidizing high-energy plasma filaments.

I also always felt that a blaster acted a lot like an electrolaser, except for firing too slowly. See for yourself…


They’re _light_sabers because they’re not heavy. I haven’t been able to retcon why a straight bladed weapon with infinite edges is called a saber though. It was a long time ago, in a galaxy far away; maybe it’s just an error in translation.


I believe Lucas originally called lightsabers laser swords?


With the current horridness of the world, you ask this…?



I can’t find a good torrent, so can someone please do Star Wars, but it gets faster every time a stormtrooper hits their target.