Watch the new “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” trailer





Star Wars: Into Darkness


And now I get to see nerds everywhere pulling apart every frame of the teaser to get ‘details’ about the movie itself


Looks like derivative crap.

Seriously, we’ve had forty years of movies, television shows, computer games, and roleplaying games inspired by the original movie. So an 88-second trailer that consists mostly of slight variations of familiar elements from the original movies seems like they aren’t even trying.

Special mention, though, for the bit with the Sith with the light saber that has little light sabers as pommel guards. That’s the best idea since sword-chucks.


We should definitely spend the next 365 days hyping the movie as much as possible, as that will inevitably make it EVEN BETTER.

Also amusing:


Yo dawg I herd you like light sabers so we put light sabers on your light saber so you can cut your own fingers off.


Please don’t suck…please don’t suck…please don’t suck…


Derivative crap?

Maybe so, but I’m gonna lap it up :wink:

Just watching this trailer, I literally felt chills when the opening fanfare of John Williams’ title theme blasted out of the silence and the darkness.

You’ll find me in the ticket line. :stuck_out_tongue:


I was almost into it, and then the bit with the Millenium Falcon at the end happened. I am so burned out on shaky-cam-imitating CGI sequences.


I’m not a star wars fan, but i cracked a good smile at the millenium falcon. Fans must be really happy.



Oh man, I’m excited. It’s going to be a long year. I feel like Abrams’ treatment of Star Trek, which I didn’t exactly love to death, will actually work pretty well, stylistically, for Star Wars. Star Wars has always been a bit more on the fun and goofy side of things than Star Trek, and I’m hoping he really nails it.


Here’s my prediction:

This movie will be far better than the prequel trilogy. The practical effects will be a high point. However, the digital effects, while certainly better than before, will still be criticised for sticking out. Certain characters will be annoying, but they won’t get much screen time.
The dialogue will be better, but some ham-fisted lines remain, and will become nerd-culture mainstays.

All in all, a good, (but not great) and fun addition to the Star Wars series. A completely enjoyable, but flawed film.
There will be discussion about black stormtroopers, and about stormtroopers being clones.

In short, an enjoyable, but a little bit lacking movie.


It might have made a little more visual sense if the side beams angled towards the tip of the main beam.

Also, why not project each beam from the opposite side of where it’s going? The way that thing’s set up, another saber sliding down the blade is just going to slice through the pommel guard’s projector rather than hitting another beam.


There’s no colon in that title.


We don’t know that he’s a stormtrooper. We can reasonably infer that there’s a lot of surplus stormtrooper armor.


The internet has spoken. It’s a lightclaymore.

Star Wars VIII : The Quickening.


Yeah, I think the changes I’m thinking of would make it more like Kurgan’s sword.


The Merchandising Awakens