Oblivion Factory: new sculptures from Jud Turner

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2019/04/17/deindustry.html


These are gorgeous and intricate.

I must mention that Deindustry reminds me of certain mod levels for Quake, particularly Arcane Monstrosity.


I like how the surface treatment works with the geometry and detail; can’t quite put my finger on why; but they definitely harmonize.

The latter, in particular, also gives me the (frankly slightly weird) feeling that I now know what the result of having Alexander Calder do some Warhammer 40k would look like. Much more distressed, detailed; and greebley than Calder normally is; but much less skull and spike adorned and focused on sculptural balance rather than pure gothic battle cathedrals thank 40k normally is; but a meeting of the two styles somewhere in the middle.


I wonder where he gets his parts. A lot of them look like bits of plastic model kits.

Plastruct makes lots of these shapes (stairs, railing, trusses, doors, patterned sheets, etc).

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Soooo beautiful.

…or you could you know free dee print…

design is sometimes in regret

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