These sculptures are like The Matrix code given solid form

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That last one brings Sutekh’s gift of death to all humanity


Those are fantastic. I particularly like the cylinder. What would you keep in a box like that?

Of all the entities that built the Matrix … at least one of them had the job of modeling poo.


I love this, at least the 12 milliseconds of it that I saw before the ads ate the picture. The new ad format is making this site impossible to enjoy. When I go to a new website and the ads pop up like this, I normally close the tab and mentally mark that place ‘do not visit’. I’d really hate to do that with BB.


The are Matrix code given solid form.

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Illicit data? Dangerous psychedelics? A replica of the Trinity Test polonium initiator sphere?


Not unwrapped hard candy. Those suckers get stuck together and ‘glued’ in there… sayonara resale value!!

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I have been looking for more information on this specific niche type of art for a long time

One of the most beautiful objects I have ever seen I saw when I was living in Japan last, and it was when visiting the family of one of my friends.

It was a ceremonial plaque 4 something as an award at work I think, which looked like this, in that it was mother-of-pearl inlaid into a black hole level ultra black super high grade urushi lacquer plaque. The mother of pearl was cut absolutely flush with the lacquer so that it all look like a single surface, and it was kanji characters spelling something out.

I took a bunch of pictures of it and I think they were kind of weirded out by how captivated I was at how beautiful it was in the low light of a tatami room.

This is the only time I have ever seen anything else like it and now I am going to use Japanese bilingual ability to learn as much as I can about this from his videos and maybe make something myself…

Every one of these is stunningly beautiful to me, that is all black lip mother of pearl.


I’d love the cube for a paperweight but no way could I afford something like that. Not disrespecting the art but paperweight is what the cube and pyramid forms brought to mind on first glance.


Nature is always more impressive than our own vision…and cheaper to buy, too.

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