Huge wall art made from old typewriters

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not only the size of them, but they also must weigh quite a lot. beautiful, beautiful.


Looks like a totem, warning typewriter spirits to stay away or risk being flayed


Yeah. I’m glad they included that last photo to provide a sense of scale. I was way off before seeing that.


Man, this is such lovely photography. They lit it so beautifully.

Agreed! I also found it fascinating that there are “Assistant Sculpture” artists (Cleo Mayer in this case) that work tirelessly in the background.

I guess it makes sense, you have to study somewhere! I’d love to see an article about these individuals.


These images could make great covers for William Burroughs’ anthologies.

As with repurposed vinyl records or filleted pianos, this just makes me sad. I guess it’s how vegans feel looking at a butcher’s window. No matter how cool or ingenious, it’s still beauty and vitality destroyed to no purpose.

a) They were typewriters. They already had no purpose.
b) They were broken typewriters.
c) I, and many others, find the sculptures much more beautiful than the original objects.
d) Art does have a purpose, mainly beauty.

can we put one of the typewriter pieces in the boing boing store?

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