WATCH: Jack Storms, sculpted gorgeous cube for Guardians of the Galaxy

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He has my vote for “Artist most likely to eventually create a Silmaril.”

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As pretty as his works are, the second he said “there are no straight lines in nature”, I had to shut it off.

The man has clearly seen crystals like say quartz - made up of the same main constituent as glass.


There was also blathering about the golden ratio which was eminently off-putting, and at the end he said he vicariously claims inspiration for his work(s) after presenting them to clients.

Some might consider this showmanship/salemanship, but it only prompts me to think “eff right off, guy.”

His works are exquisite. I’d spend the requisite 5-10K on a small one if I had a functioning money tree.

jesus, that is some awful, awful music. And i stil dont understand how those inner details get into the glass works. Thanks for nothing, internet!

At first I though he was using holography to get the marks in there but it appears that it’s all done with surface etching and internal reflection/refraction of the surface details. Which I guess is a kind of holographic technique so…

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