CIA's "Intelligence Art Collection" now on public display


You know what they won’t have paintings of: ALIENS!!!

Also (and more seriously), I wonder if they commemorate their support of the arts via covert funding… like did someone paint a painting of Jackson Pollock painting?

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“… important moments in the history of US intelligence?”

This is a very small gallery then?


The 7’ water boarding tryptic will look fantastic above the fireplace.


They probably do, but you’re not cleared to see them. Just sayin’. . . .

Obama is looking at them right now, as is every former president, who gets an alien painting to put in their home, I’m sure.

Naturally, the facts (and I use that word lightly) of each of these missions is still locked away behind eyes-only classifications, but hey, here’s a painting and a summary, so take your FOIA requests and shove 'em.

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Through a strange twist of fate, the aliens are actually sentient oil paintings, and Thomas Kinkade was just a cover for their invasion.


DIA (defense intelligence agency) also has some nice paintings of soviet bombers, ekranoplans, etc. picked some of those up on ebay a few years ago.


DIA sells stuff on ebay?

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Your tax dollars at work.

well, no, but obvs someone who worked there and had the posters unloaded them.

… and I just found another Christmas present for someone.

Neat stuff! I’d love to see these in person.

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