Super heroes and sci fi figures captured in the style of Dutch Masters paintings


The photo series is wonderful and very playful, i rather like the costume interpretations. I do find it a bit lazy that whenever the photographer couldn’t fully reimagine the outfit they compensated by just adding ruffled collars. Seemed like a missed opportunity to really re-do certain characters in a more realized period style.

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I agree. these are beautiful, but C3P0 seems like a issed opportunity to do a suit of armor or something steam-punkey…


Likewise with Darth Vader and the Stormtrooper, those don’t go far enough. I think they could’ve done metal, chainmail or leather armor. I suspect it wasn’t done out of time constraint or because of cost, which is fine to be honest. But like i said, it just seems like a missed opportunity.

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These still leave me with the same mixed feelings the first time I saw them posted on BB. The photography has wonderful lighting and tones. I love the idea and admire all the hard work that went into these, and yet for all of that many of them are lazy. Giant neck ruffs were a thing, but giant ruffs weren’t used for cuffs (maybe somebody did, but it wasn’t a style I’ve seen), so the the ruffs on C3P0 are a weird combination of a lot of work to get the resources together for the shoot and of just not bothering to even go for the gist of the look in the paintings. Many, perhaps most, of the photos fail to get the basic silhouette right - and that is fundamental, IMO, to the whole cross over idea.

Not saying every outfit should have this silhouette, though. I include it as an example of cuffs that go with ruffs in the cavalier period. Note how they aren’t just little ruffs. (Yes, they are doing a bit of joking with the ruffs, given the cat collar ruff, but there isn’t enough costume on C3P0 to go off the mark for a joke (if it was deliberate) and still have it work.)

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