Country great, Roy Clark, shredding on guitar for two minutes

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his facial expressions are a treasure.


Roy always had a unique “guitar face” when he played.

“I’m a-pickin’” … “And I’m a-grinnin’”.

Roy Clark was a figure of my childhood thanks to Hee Haw. I still find it weird that my family, which had little interest in country music or southern culture, watched that show every week, but that’s 1970s family variety shows for you I guess.


They are something. Cycling between happy, concentrating, and, to my mind, wondering if he has bitten off more than he can chew.


Oh man, I grew up with Hee Haw. We had BOTH kinds of music in my house: country AND western. I moved away from it and into a love of all kinds of other music, but I forgot how much fun it is to watch Roy playing and singing. Truly a funny man, and his expressions are a delight.


The Roy Clark episode of the Muppets was probably the best episode of the original run.


I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a Jaguar get such an enthusiastic fretboard workout. What a shredder he was.


His tap & slap technique on the git’tar is second to none, great comedian too.


agreed. You don’t see Jaguars used much anymore. I always loved the shape, but disliked all the switches. I’m a fan of the Gibson Explorer as futuristic as the shape is.


If I was halfway bored, I’d sync the video to the audio of a Van Halen guitar solo just for kicks.

In the early 60s, Fender marketed the Jaguar as the “lead” guitar, and the Stratocaster as the “rhythm” guitar. Musicians, and history, saw things differently.


I love Explorers as well, and also enjoy the Ibanez Iceman, as far as funky shapes go.

The Jaguar has a certain cultural cachet, and along with my prized JazzMasters have had some renewed interest along with the alternative movement that kicked off in the 90’s. Great stuff!

i kind of think of his smiling ones as Puckish – like he’s thinking, “ohhh, you thought that was something? get a load of this…hee hee”


Did they call him ‘Chubby’ Roy Clark? (Or did some fuckwit born this century not realise there used to be a TV aspect ratio of 4:3?)

ETA something about lawns, too.

Excellent entertainment! Hee-Haw was rich with talent and so much fun.

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My memory is that the facial expressions are part of his schtick - if you watch him perform the same song from different time periods, I’m pretty sure that the expressions are very similar. But I don’t care - it’s a great part of his schtick - he was not only a great guitarist but a solid comedian.


Likewise - didn’t realize what legends and virtuosos some of those folks were until much later.


Anyone who loves this style (or really, into music at all) should seek out the documentary Les Paul, Chasing Sound.

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