Country singer covers honky-tonk version of 'Baby Got Back' for Sir Mix-a-Lot himself


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Aw, I wanted it to be longer and cover the whole thing…


Not much of a fan of the honky-tonk genre, but that was pretty good. I am reminded of Iron Horse:


Where’s the love for Jonathan Coulton?


The best of the genre: The Gourds covering Snoop Dog’s Gin and Juice


That was a great way to start my day



The Honky Tonk take on it is really well done, though not personally my cup of tea. Wonder what it’d be like covered in a more blue grassy style which i tend to like more. This reminds me of Richard Cheese’s take on it Lounge style. Seen him perform a few times and he’s a blast


all love to sir mix-a-lot, but coulton’s cover is still my go-to version.


One of my favorites!


Brilliant! The only cover worth listening to is one that’s totally original!


Sir Mix-a-Lot is no stranger to genre bending. He’s professed his love for numerous genres in many interviews in the past.

In his 1988 debut album Swass, he infused heavy metal sensibilities into his song Iron Man. He said in interview that he was terrified about potential backlash from this fusion, which of course nowadays with rock/rap having become its own mainstream genre, these fears seem kind of silly in retrospect.

Then there’s his (in)famous collaboration with the Seattle Symphony Orchestra a few years back when he performed Baby Got Back and invited members of the audience to come on stage and shake it – which several women did, in their fancy evening wear no less.

I’ve met Sir Mix-a-Lot before and he was a totally stand up guy. He was friendly and gracious in spite of my fanboying him and having a picture taken. He’s a fixture in the Seattle area at car shows and every so often I see him driving one of his Lambos (which he actually daily drives – so much respect for that) or just being a normal dude waiting in line at the Apple Store when a new device comes out.


I absolutely have to stop forgetting about those guys.


Conway Twitty was way ahead of that!


And a few years later, Conway Twitty might have also been singing this song, but he thought that John Anderson’s vocals would be better for it. John Anderson was busy with his own songs, so he in turn passed it on to Mel McDaniel, who got his #1 hit from it:


which reminds me of these guys!


Not exactly on topic, but I like this country cover

Sir Mix-A-Lot seems to be a very good interview subject. I normally avoid celebrity/performer/creator interviews as I try to avoid knowing their personal opinions, but he’s one of the few I will read as he seems to confine his personal aspects to the creative & business aspects.


Sir Mix A Lot seems to have made a reputation for himself doing a lot of varied stuff, getting his point of view would definitely be pretty cool

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