Couple suing overgrown 30-year-old son for not moving out of their house

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For the first time in my life, I find myself hoping that a case will be handled by Judge Judy.


Remember “the good old days,” when you’d just wait until the unwanted person leaves the premises and then you’d change the locks, after placing all their belongings outside?

I can just hear her now:


I’m in exactly the same position except my kids are eight. Fucking freeloaders.


I drove by this gem a few months ago. Picture’s terrible, but the sign reads “DIVORCED, EX HUSBAND’S STUFF FREE, HIS LOSS YOUR GAIN”


Won’t the police remove unwanted house guests for you?

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Umm The kid didn’t say that, the author of the article wrote that. it’s not in quotes and not attributed to him.


Holy crap, Baby Huey. I forgot all about that cartoon. Perfect choice.


Millennials are allergic to the F-word: Effort.


They likely will, but around my way, calling on the authorities has become a very last resort, not to be considered unless absolutely necessarily.

(Basically, my neighborhood would need to look like ‘high noon at the OK Corral’ before I’d even think about calling the police.)

Changing the locks is much less of a hassle and less hazardous to the lives and safety of everyone involved.


Yeah, the Mashable author seems to be defending the son.

Yeah, I’m not sure what the legal cause of action is here. You can notify your sprog that they are not allowed on your property and that if they come inside they are trespassing. You can even get the police to escort him off of the premises. But until you tell them that they are unwelcome and trespassing you are allowing them continue to live there, and I don’t see how you can sue them for what you are permitting them to do.

I ended up back at home for a while after college, and my parents inadvertently found a way to get me packing quick: they had loud sex one night when they thought I was out.


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This story just made me recall a forgotten ‘fun’ little family memory; my older sister lived with us off and on again after she was grown, until she turned 24.

That was the year she and my mother had a wickedly volatile argument, which left most of the downstairs windows smashed out.

(Don’t ask, dysfunctional is my family’s middle name.)

Long story short, my mother had hit her ‘okay’ point, and since my sister basically refused to move out, we ended up moving to another spot and leaving her behind.

My mother was basically like, “Fine, you pay the rent here and all the bills; I’m out.


Just do what my parents did, and take them to the mall and leave them there…


What my dad did was tell us over and over growing up about how when so and so’s kids turned 18 they got a suitcase, a map, a sandwich, and a handshake. Always seemed half-jokingly harsh but I totally get it.


the son is saying he legally wasn’t given enough notice.

He got more notice than an actual paying tenant is due from a landlord who wants him out for just cause. He’s better off using the defense that he’s still a minor dependent: “Your Honor, the important point here is that I still feel like I’m under 18 years old.” Given that he acts like a man-child the judge might buy it.


So he admits he didn’t do his chores as a kid either. This guy needs Guiliani for his lawyer.

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The old “Bartleby, the Scrivener” trick!