Court has to diagram a law's tortured sentence structure in order to rule




Can anyone diagram that headline?


That’s it. Time for a constitutional amendment requiring that all future legislation be written in Lojban. The law’s already opaque to most U.S. citizens; at least this way Congress would become a hostile environment for the rationally-challenged.


Thanks for that horrible flashback to seventh grade English class!!!

I think I’m gonna need a euphemistic chaser after that trauma.


I saw a page written in it. Makes more sense than a page written in Lawyerglish; the latter has words that individually are mostly familiar but assembled together are virtually devoid of meaning.


Just imagine Yoda reading it. No, it doesn’t make it make any more sense, but it’s not as brain-bending that way.


I can’t even the whole thing.


I read it about 6 times hoping it would finally make sense. Nope.


Throw me down the stairs my hat.


“Court has to diagram a law’s tortured sentence structure in order to rule”

The “diagram” is just in the wrong place.


No, I think the original line is better. This is how linguistic evolution works :smirk: point mutations and transposons and such.


I need a sentence diagram of the title. Just words in a random order aren’t they? Is that the point?


I think it’s in Obverse Yodish, yes.


“Lost my horn, lost my horn,
Found my horn, gorne”


Brainf**k would be better. Or that rule of, who was it, the Persians? - that before a new law could be passed an old one must be abolished.


I had trouble with it too till I realized ‘diagram’ is used as a verb. Then it made sense.


Which it isn’t.


I read that title 5 times before I gave up, and then I got it. Could be written in a clearer way D:


I think you accidentally the title. Is that OK?


Being somewhat dyslexic, I didn’t even notice anything odd about the title. My mind just rearranged the words into a sensible order. Does this mean I should have been a lawyer?