Court has to diagram a law's tortured sentence structure in order to rule


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Can anyone diagram that headline?


That’s it. Time for a constitutional amendment requiring that all future legislation be written in Lojban. The law’s already opaque to most U.S. citizens; at least this way Congress would become a hostile environment for the rationally-challenged.


Thanks for that horrible flashback to seventh grade English class!!!

I think I’m gonna need a euphemistic chaser after that trauma.


I saw a page written in it. Makes more sense than a page written in Lawyerglish; the latter has words that individually are mostly familiar but assembled together are virtually devoid of meaning.

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Just imagine Yoda reading it. No, it doesn’t make it make any more sense, but it’s not as brain-bending that way.

I can’t even the whole thing.

I read it about 6 times hoping it would finally make sense. Nope.

Throw me down the stairs my hat.

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“Court has to diagram a law’s tortured sentence structure in order to rule”

The “diagram” is just in the wrong place.

No, I think the original line is better. This is how linguistic evolution works :smirk: point mutations and transposons and such.

I need a sentence diagram of the title. Just words in a random order aren’t they? Is that the point?

I think it’s in Obverse Yodish, yes.

“Lost my horn, lost my horn,
Found my horn, gorne”

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Brainf**k would be better. Or that rule of, who was it, the Persians? - that before a new law could be passed an old one must be abolished.


I had trouble with it too till I realized ‘diagram’ is used as a verb. Then it made sense.


Which it isn’t.

I read that title 5 times before I gave up, and then I got it. Could be written in a clearer way D:

I think you accidentally the title. Is that OK?

Being somewhat dyslexic, I didn’t even notice anything odd about the title. My mind just rearranged the words into a sensible order. Does this mean I should have been a lawyer?