Court of Appeal reverses Labour disenfranchisement ruling, but Corbyn still likely to win

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I’m horribly fascinated as to what their next trick is after he trounces Smith. It’s not going to be pretty. I am so sick of these fuckers and their fuckery. Like, ‘perfectly OK with Stalinist purges’ sick.


I thought the Stalinist purges kicked the Trotskyists out rather than inviting them in, as Corbyn seems to be doing / is okay with.

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It’s what happens when good people look at politics as something others do.

We gotta get involved and stay involved lest the fuckers win!


FTA: “we have to call him a c**t every day until he f****s off”

Okay, I’m pretty sure I know that the c-word is but what the heck is the f-word here? Floats?


Well, Labour was within a trend that happened all over Europe, with people who believed in nothing except their right to be in a position of leadership taking advantage of various crisis and parties structures to take control of them. Of course, they personal beliefs were nowhere near leftist politics, so as soon as they could they implemented conservative/neoliberal agendas.

We might see a change in that trend in the UK, at last, but never underestimate the ability of these people to bend the rules in their favor. I can’t imagine they’re not aware of the likely outcome of the upcoming elections, so I wouldn’t be surprised to hear they pulled another trick (how secure is the Labour election process anyway?)


Exactly. September’s gonna be nasty.

You really think there are hundreds of thousands of unaffiliated Trotskyites in the UK?


Tom Watson does.

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I expect so do some Conservatives in the House of Lords.

Watson went to school at Hull Uni. - my old haunt - and I can well imagine extrapolating from the student body there and getting an exaggerated sense of Trotskyite penetration.

As @the_borderer pointed out, a couple of years ago, Watson was asking people to infiltrate political parties and take them over.

I don’t believe that Watson is a Blairite, so his decision to start squabbling with Corbyn at this time (and/or vice versa) is puzzling to me as an outsider.

Tom Watson doesn’t. I was even less impressed with Corbyn than usual when he alleged that; that’s blatently not what Watson had said.

“New members include a number of Trotskyist entryists” =/= “all new members are Trotskyist entryists”

Then why bring it up at all? And what do you guess “a number” means? 10? 20? I’ve heard that the AWL might have as many as 100 members across the country, but surely only a fraction are new members of Labour. Even if they were, that’s a negligible 1/1500 of the new joiners. The whole thing seems like a waste of breath to me.

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The PLP are in full on ‘angry toddler’ mode at the moment.

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