Covid-19 hospitalizations increased 50% in California

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Every state’s populace: "Governor, end the lock down reopen businesses! "

Later: “Our Governor handled this poorly and reopened businesses too soon and now cases are surging!”

This is a failure in two parts:

  1. People’s inability to take responsibility for themselves and their own actions.

  2. Inadequate safety nets for people so that they aren’t scrabbling at the bit trying to get back to work just to make enough money to eat and not get kicked out of their home because their rent or mortgage is due.

JUST A COUPLE MONTHS AGO there were articles about how he had closed everything down too much and now what are we supposed to do (even overhearing neighbors complaining about him and the lockdown).


It’s time for our government to stop serving itself and to start serving the people, as intended.

People can’t work in a pandemic without sufficient PPE and processes to keep them and anyone they come into contact with as safe as possible, something we don’t remotely have thanks to so many factors of which we are (I’m guessing) all aware.

If people don’t work, the economy will grind to a stop, and Capitalism doesn’t account for that (at least not how we do it).

The solution is obvious, but it’s also Socialism, which none of these fuckers want to admit. Instead, we will limp along while the people who normally suffer will suffer more, and the ones who normally rake it all in will be mildly inconvenienced unless/until heads start coming off.


Yeah, could be, but with other things involving large numbers of people (say a million) you can do X and get 100,000 complainers that say “ditch X, do Y”, and if you comply and throw X under the bus and embrace Y you get 100,000 people saying “no! X was far better, and Y is trash, burn Y to the ground and go back to X!”. It is my assertion that those two groups of 100,000 people are largely distinct people. Not 100,000 people that complain about anything you do.

This definitely applies to things like where the caps lock and escape keys are, and the colors of any and all bike sheds. I expect it applies here too. For example I thought CA was reopening too soon (I figured we hadn’t really changed anything from when we closed down, except we had more cases). I thought at most we should do a very slow limited reopening and wait two weeks to see how it went. Of corse I also have a job I can do from home, so I was arguing from a position of economic stability.

Yep, not just for people, also for businesses. I know a lot of smaller businesses that were profitable before, and I expect could have been profitable later, but definitely couldn’t make rent payments during a lockdown (either government mandated, or in absence of an appropriate government mandate then when people have enough fear to stay home on their own). Those are gone now, the owners wiped out, and will likely be unable to find enough money for equipment they couldn’t move home when evicted form commercial properties. They won’t be able to rehire employees because they won’t be reopening. Also I won’t be able to get those particular peanut butter cookies anymore, which you may not think is as tragic as all those lost jobs, but I assert it is because you haven’t eaten those particular cookies before.


But “It is going away.”

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The headline says 50%, but the absolute numbers are surprisingly small for a state that has 40 million people in it. That doesn’t seem like it should be in danger of overcrowding the hospitals, except of course near the prisons.

More states seems to be leaning towards mandatory mask provisions, which seem to help quite a lot. It’s a real shame the issue has become so politicized in the US. By pushing back on mask requirements people are only delaying reopening.


It went away months ago when the false flag operation ~cough cough~ initiated by Obama Clinton’s pizza ~cough cough~ pedophile ring ~cough cough cough cough~ All Lives ~cough cough~ Tucker Carls… ~cough wheeze cough~



This might be a good time to remember that even though California leans liberal overall, the sheer size of the state’s population means that it is home to more Republican voters (and probably more Covid-denying Trumpists) than any other single state.



small numbers increase surprisingly fast under exponential growth situations


But they also suffer from a high level of noise when comparing things in percentage terms.

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Yeah, that 6k number is new case change in 1 day… The total numbers are ~277k positive with almost 7k deaths. That’s the part that I’m impressed with. Good job nurses and Dr.s keeping folks alive. Doesn’t track people who will have chronic scarring and lung compromise, but…


Yeah, I know that there are a whole bunch of reasons for the apparent drop in mortality rate (the ages of those getting infected among them) but as these two charts show the infection rate vs. mortality has wildly diverged lately, well beyond what was predicted a few weeks ago when everyone was getting themselves infected over Memorial Day weekend.

Obviously the number of deaths are still unacceptably high, and there are lasting consequences other than death, so we really need to get this under control. But I hadn’t seen any models predicting this dramatic divergence, so I’ll bet it hit doctors by surprise.


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