COVID lockdown violators punishment: write "sorry" 500 times

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“Spreadin’ the virus? That’s a paddlin’.”



The first time I got a speeding ticket the judge gave me the option to write a paper about why speeding is bad and then the ticket wouldn’t go on my record. I wrote an opening and closing page and then copy / pasted the Oregon code regarding speeding as the other 48ish pages of the paper. Gamble that no judge would read 50 pages paid off that day.


At least the judge in your case stuck with the theme. “The rules of lockdown” isn’t the subject I’d make them write about, since they were putting themselves and others at risk of illness and death during a pandemic. I wish they’d been made to write about why violating lockdown is bad.


Yes I agree.


Obviously the judge is a 1960’s Catholic School alumni.


Maybe something counterintuitive: Write a 500 word essay on “Why I feel I have have the right to spread disease to others without their consent” which seems to be the main argument of “patriotic” antimaskers who go on and on about their rights to do as they please.

Not enough emphasis is being placed on the duty to protect others and too many people still frame it as an argument about protecting themselves only.

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