Craft: simple, fast Minecraft clone with just the basics

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You can already downgrade Minecraft to infdev if that’s what you want. It’s easier than it used to be.

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Lovely. My son was super interested in minecraft as a ten year old. We ran our own server. Now he is 16, I wonder if I can get him involved.

The github account says it runs on linux as well. Okay I’m in.

edit: compiled the client on ubuntu 18.04 okay. Connected to the main server and had a look around. I might have a go at running a server tomorrow.

It’s the perfect computer Lego set

Doesn’t Lego have their own clone? Lego Worlds or something…? My son played it in beta, but he’s 11 now, so it is all Fortnite these days.

There’s also Minetest, which has been around for a while if you interested in an open-source, non-Microsoft Minecraft-type game.

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I bought it. Played for a few hours. It’s probably much better now, I don’t know.

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