Just released: Lego's own version of Minecraft

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If I can pilot a Galaxy Explorer, I’ll be there.

Beyond brand-loyalty, why would someone pay to play in this sandbox?
Can it generate a parts list and assembly instructions for user-created models?**
When someone buys a set, does it come with a USB key or access code to a virtual model?

** or the opposite would be pretty cool. Given scans of an original instruction manual, can it build a model right before your eyes? That might be a fun CS/weekend project.

The article doesn’t say, but I’m afraid it’s just like creative mode - unlimited blocks and no danger. Now, if LEGO came with survival mode, this would be so damn much fun!


Do you remember LEGO Universe? The short-lived massively multiplayer online game based on everybody’s favorite building block barely got a chance, lasting just over a year in open release before shutting down in January of 2012. New tweets from a developer who worked on the project have provided some insight into one factor which may have contributed to its quick closure: the cost of keeping player prepared penises out of the world.


Took them long enough. They had some Lego games previously with such obvious missed potential that I assumed Lego had simply squashed the idea of any real construction games because they saw them as competing with the real-world product. I wonder if the existence (and popularity) of Minecraft physical block sets convinced them they had things backwards.

It apparently has various Lego “sets” already in the game, and if you have the set in-game, you can pick a location and it’ll assemble it in the game world. If they don’t have an option to select a region of the game and have it put out a block list (which could then be the basis of selling you the actual set of blocks needed to make it), they could add it without much fuss. It’s so obvious I have to believe they’re at least working on it, if it’s not already in there.

It looks very much like Minecraft. E.g. the player-character being attacked by Lego skeletons in a creepy Lego forest:

I’m not rushing to get it right now, as the current Early Access version doesn’t have the features that interest me. But once multiplayer is introduced then I am going to strongly inclined to give it a go. I see great potential for fun things I can do with my partner and perhaps other friends if they are interested. And sure, the license is a big part of that. I have strong positive associations with Lego going back decades. But that’s not all there is to it. I also just like to play sandbox games with other people. It’s something I like to do. Lego plus that sounds interesting to me.

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That looks pretty damn sweet! Kind of too bad there’s no crafting, it’s fun starting from scratch. Also, I wonder if there’s anything underground?

No linux client support? Yeah, I’ll pass.

One of the big advantages Minecraft has is that we can run our own modded servers; I don’t know if the company is constitutionally able to cope with allowing stuff to exist out of their control.

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I did enjoy the humor in Lego’s video games, maybe they will bring some of that. But I’m skeptical they can offer enough, or something else, that would convince me to pay to play in their sandbox when the existing ones are pretty much unlimited in capability. I do hope they succeed, because I think they’ve been a pretty honorable company, but it’s going to be an uphill battle.

Crafting would certainly add another layer. They’re not feature-complete yet, so it may still end up in there, or they may feel that the more complex construction options over Minecraft are enough. (Though honestly I’d be surprised if they didn’t have something like a crafting mechanism at some point.) They’d be missing out if they didn’t have underground areas, too (they needn’t - probably shouldn’t - be as elaborate as Minecraft’s).

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