Fortnite goes full circle with LEGO mode

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Ill Take It Team Fortress 2 GIF by Yukster

Why does everything LEGO have to be … so … much … fun… :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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I spent lunch on it. The building, at least on the controller, is very clunky and slow. Part of it is the buttons being unfamiliar I am sure. If you use a preset template it al lines up - but me trying to just build a simple shack with parts didn’t want to line up.

For some reason, my movement is different than in game, and i went to change the setting and nothing seemed to stick? Also a bit disappointing that my favorite skin doesn’t look good at all in the game. (Well, at least we have Boba Fett).

I am too new into it to see if I like it. I haven’t gotten to explore hardly. Trying to gather up a village and then hopefully head out to explore a cave. I do have a single villager already.

It seems a cross between Minecraft and Animal Crossing so far?

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I’m reminded of this:

My son was a beta tester when he was 11 - made me so proud to see him sending in proper, detailed bug reports :nerd_face: He had a lot of fun with the game, then Lego decided that it wasn’t performing financially for them so they shut it all down…

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