Crap microwave ovens responsible for mystery radio signals


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Crap! Microwave ovens responsible for mystery radio signals.

Fixed the punctuation for you.


Sensitive radio telescopes, like the ones at Parkes, the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, and the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Green Bank, West Virginia, had been bringing attention to these issues for years, but had their concerns dismissed as “being emotional” or “just something you have to put up with” and “you should be turned into scrap you useless watse of taxpair money! I hope your antenas fall off you rusty tower of lies!”

makes you wonder about the health effect of people irradiating themselves with their crap! microwave ovens

What in the world is she talking about with “burnt” tasting reheated coffee? Is she boiling it? I’d much rather have a MW reheated cup of coffee than one that’s been sitting in a pot on a hotplate for any time at all. Not only does it conserve coffee that should be thrown out, but it takes less energy to reheat a cup than keep a whole pot hot.

That said, I may get in the habit of hitting stop before opening the door until I hear more about whether this little burst has any clinically detectable effect.

This is like episode 1 of Steins;Gate.

Kind of… zero?

With the amount of microwave sources around the world, and the patchy nature of the exposure, if there is any significant effect it would more than likely made itself evident already.


Don’t worry. You’d need quite higher amount of energy to be delivered to (and absorbed by) you in order to do any even temporary damage.

The “Adults and microwave ovens” chapter contains cases of actual nerve damage caused by full-power exposure to microwaves in the oven, and also cases where similar exposures caused no permanent damage.

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What, are you anti-business? You must be one of those dope-smoking pinko commie eastern liberal intellectuals. /s

They named the signals “perytons”! My Borges-idolising self is delight.

In other news, the Wow! Signal found to be an equally impressive leftover slice of Pizza Hut deep-dish requiring 2x extra pushes of the “add :30” button to get it heated all the way through.

crap microwave ovens

You mean those crappy things that are sometimes superior to other forms of cooking?

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Crap microwave ovens? The urine microwave ovens at a bioassay lab that I visited smelled bad enough – I don’t want to be anywhere near crap ones…


“made itself evident already”

like an epidemic of cancer?

Like an epidemic of anything between the people with higher-than-average exposure. E.g. military radar technicians.

Which is… somewhat… ummm… not showing.

If you really cared about nutrition, you would use a properly engineered microwave oven. Such an oven would prevent the door from being opened until the magnetron was powered off.

Who needs a door? I just throw the food in there and hit a button. Keeps my hands warm while the food cooks.


Er, no…

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