Crash Course is launching a series all about media literacy

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Crash course is an excellent series. I probably need to tap back into some of the series I haven’t gone through yet. LOVED the history series! You will too, unless you’re the Mongols.


Wait, you buried the lead. Jay Smooth is doing a crash course? :smiley:


Jay? I missed that on first read…

Cool. :slightly_smiling_face:

If it were John, I’d be a bit worried that it’d turn into “make sure you read all of the corporate media”.

Jay should bring some solid radical analysis to the table.

Which series have you watched?

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World History 1 and 2, US History, Big History, some of the Science ones, and some of the Myths series.

ETA - I also started Indy Neidell’s The Great War (WWI), but boy is it dense, it all sorta blurs, but at least tries to give you the scope of that war.

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