A crash course on creation myths


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I too love Crash Course. I have binged listened to may of the series at work. Though some of them are a bit too dry for me to do that and I need to pay attention sometime alone (like chemistry).

Really like their history series and find Hank Green enjoyable to listen to.

If you listen to music at work, try listening to stuff like this. Good way to let some new info seep into your brain. Although, I think it depends on the KIND of work you do. When I am doing mainly visual tasks it isn’t a problem. If I have to do something that requires reading and pseudo coding I sometimes have to shut it off or switch to music. Brain can listen to words at the same time one moves stuff around in indesign. Can’t listen to w words and read words at the same time.


In the beginning was the word, and the word was bird:




Interesting content, but I have real trouble with this bubbly kids’ TV presenter style.


The first time I saw this episode, I thought – “No… they’re not gonna do it, right? It would so great if they did…” and then they didn’t. Can you IMAGINE how great it would have been if the entire episode was nothing but this gag? A lost opportunity. :frowning:


Let’s not be silly now; in the beginning was, indeed, the word. And the word was KaBoom. A veritable Earth shattering KaBoom


I’n the beginning, was the word - and the word was DUCK.


In the beginning was the Word and the Word was “fhtagn”.



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