Creator of Zippy the Pinhead writes a fantastic comic book biography of Schlitzie the Pinhead

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What? Oh, no reason.


I like to do the dishes too. Sometimes It has been the only thing to look forward to. I so get that.

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I saw “Schlitzie the Pinhead” in the headline and quickly jumped to the conclusion that Griffith had somehow done a satirical bio of Howard Schultz in jig time. You can see how I’d make the mistake.

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Okay this is cool. I’ve heard of the movie freaks before but I have yet to see it and this I think kicks it up in the queue

Me too. I like to do the dishes too.

Me three. I like to do the dishes three. For more than that, I just use the dishwasher.

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I’ve been waiting and following Mr. Griffith’s progress this one for more than a year. Can’t wait for it to come out! I am a huge Bill Griffith fan. I even have a original piece he did as an intro to one of his Zippy Quarterlies. Yow!

“Schlitzie”? Really? That’s a racial slur like “chink” or “gook” where I am from.

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