Critically burned toddler in coma after SWAT team drug raid on home


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Really, what the shit America? As a European looking in it feels very much like the US is slowly destroying itself with this relentless social militarization and endless wars. “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave” kind of rings hollow nowadays.


Land of the Cops, Home of the Beaten.

From the article:

The ass-covering begins immediately. Who wants to bet that the cops who did this get a few weeks of paid vacation, then nothing else happens to them?


Holy fucking hell. This shit has got to end.

This story is so enraging, I just can’t offer anything more than hope for the victims. Hang in there and get better, Bou Bou.


Every one of these militating ponce power-abusing sheisters deserves a huge amount of time in jail. Every participant in this joint exercise. From the strategist to the feet on the ground.

Does this little guy have a fund?


ACAB FTP hooligans 4 lyfe

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Nowadays? It’s been fucked for a LOT longer than “recently”. I’d say since at least the 80’s.


land of the fee, home of the knave


No words. Just tears for the little boy and family. And rage for the injustice that they have received.


Not even that.

Remember, an Officer’s first and only duty is to come home alive. Little people don’t enter into the calculation.

Never mind that the baby wasn’t a risk, and Police work isn’t actually a particularly dangerous job.


I love the way they have a successful prosecution in their pocket before making statements about the potential nature of the activities at the address.

See the way that statement is? As if the words within are facts? It’s very well put together to deceive an unwitting public.

“They didn’t care about the family, the children …” - as if all families should expect a military strike at any time, so be fucking careful?

What the fuck is awry here?

Is there a fund to launch a criminal prosecution against the cops, and a civil one against the state?


C’mon, hardly news – Situation Normal…
Grenade burns sleeping girl as SWAT team raids Billings home
Worthy asks State Police to investigate death of girl, 7 | Detroit Free Press |


One of their neighbors from Wisconsin set up a fund:
Please Help Baby Bou by Holly Benton Wickersham - GoFundMe

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First a pastor, now a baby – ya’ll better lock up your kittens, because I think that they might be next.


My first thought comes from my heart, please be OK little boy. My second thought regarding the cops is far more primitive, you have lost your right to live among us.

A war on drugs? Really! and babies and innocent people and our worth as human beings. I have no words strong enough to express my sorrow for that little guy, for his family who would like to hold him. I wish there was a loving God who would comfort all the innocent victims of stupid wars but…

As for the swine in uniform who quickly circled their wagons to support and justify their vicious action I wish you true justice equal to the crime you committed.


The War on Drugs claims another casualty, adding to the already long list of reasons why drugs should be legalized and regulated.


I hope the judge who OK’d this raid is doxxed. I hope s/he has to put up with public outrage. I hope whoever asked for the warrant is doxxed and given public hell.

I hope, if this was done without a warrant, then all those cops go to jail for a long time.

But mainly, I hope this never happens again. Fat chance of that.


Emphasis on brave.

Only a DA or judge can start a criminal prosecution, and unless the cop is some kind of Hannibal Lecter, they never do so. A civil rights case against the police is possible, but they have what is called “qualified immunity.” Another avenue is a wrongful death suit. In both cases, because they are police officers the standard goes beyond even negligence to “willful and unreasonable” behavior, so unfortunately it can be quite hard to bring these cases.

It is awful that these SWAT raids have become so commonplace. Here is a direct link to the report described in TOA.


I only hope that someday the filth will be at the gallows and have the gall to ask “Why?”, then we can use this and the innumerable other examples like it to answer their last question right before the dead-drop is pulled.