Woman sues cops because they destroyed her empty house, thinking a shoplifter was hiding in it


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Ready, Fire, Aim!


What’s the fun of having all that fancy military gear if you never get to use it?


Nope, sorry, the police response was entirely appropriate given the nature of the threat. Possible threat. What if he shoplifted a howitzer, did you think of that?


That poor dog. Poor Ms West, too, but the dog must be even more traumatised.


Officers perpetrating this kind of abuse of power should be given one of two options: a lifetime ban from serving in law enforcement or compulsory conscription into the military. The latter option isn’t because they’ll be able to freely indulge in their inner ten year-old but, on the contrary, so they will have those fantasies all but literally beaten out of them.


I assume the dog survived - they don’t mention what happened to it, but dogs are often the first casualties of police raids, much less ones that involve tear gas and smashing in the walls/ceiling.


Sentence first, verdict afterwards!


Look, so what if he did, so long as it’s in a locked box in the premises, what’s the problem?


Well this gives new meaning to “search and destroy.”



That has been put forward by serious historians like Christopher Clark as one of the causes of WW1. France armed Russia and Serbia, thus getting them into debt. How do you pay off the debt? Well, here’s a rich neighbour and here is my really big army.


This is, of course, a cultural problem.

“Fallen” officers have no path back to “grace”, and thus they just keep sliding further into madness and corruption.


Military personnel are trained and equipped to withstand a certain degree of hostile fire, and they may or may not be allowed to return that fire.

When local police are given this military equipment, they’re not given the same training to use that gear. And when these entitled cops with their bluelivesmatter and their corrupt unions go up against soft targets, it’s a black eye not just for those organizations, but for the military that gave them the gear. Real military would not get away with this shit. (They get away with a different kind of bullshit, and the remedy is in a different direction from bad cops)

But even when the DOJ has put local cops on notice, it hasn’t always been enough. It’s hard for me to imagine how much worse this has to get before the culture can change.


A nonfiction version of “Chekhov’s Gun.”


A lethal and detrimental version, to be sure.


That hole in the ceiling makes me think those cops were too stupid even to realize that most attics have a purposefully constructed entryway.
What? You can’t just stick a scope up there?

Edit: fuzzyfungus pointed out what what I missed. A cop FELL THROUGH the ceiling.


“Bloody typical. They’ve gone back to metric without telling us.”


According to the article, at least one of the ceiling holes was produced by a cop falling through the ceiling because he was tacticool enough to try going through the attic; but not tacticool enough to keep his balance on the joists.

Sounds like exactly the sort of Mission Impossible shenanigans you’d definitely try if you thought somebody was armed and dangerous.


Maybe he was wrestling with the dog. :smirk:


You know what gets me?

Guy wasn’t an armed robber, or a murderer, or a rapist. He was a shoplifter.

These GI-Joe wannabes did more damage to society trying to apprehend him than he could have done just by using his five-finger discount.


No big deal for the cops, the tax payers will foot the bill. Now if every time something like this happened it came out of their pension instead we’d probably see some change.