Crocodile dragged vacationing teen into ocean. Fortunately, she escaped its clutches.

as @GratuitousFish pointed out, salties are very much a thing. we have saltwater crocs - moreso than alligators in FL Keys. gators upcoast and mainland in swamps, rivers, golf course water traps; crocs in the Keys. thing is, crocs are not as aggressive as gators, especially during mating season. just give them room and you’ll be good.
just don’t go to the water’s edge at midnight, even at a resort. if the crocs don’t get you, you might disturb nesting sea turtles and that is NOT cool.


‘Punch the sea crocs from without 70x if it looks to you for leg meat. Yes. That’s the look.’

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My son and I were at a deep jungle resort for new years in 2000. A local village 14 year old came over to hang out with the gringos. Just as he got to our camp he was bitten by a Fer de Lance. Within half an hour he was in screaming pain and the swelling had started, no meds of any kind were available, the kid had no close relatives. When we took him back home they put him in a shroud “to avoid evil spirits taking advantage of him”. Our return boat showed up about 11 the next morning and the villager’s were glad to let us take him to Iquitos and the hospital. About 6 hours later we carried him into a hospital where we were told they would let him stay untreated. They gave us a list of meds and told us where we could get them. If we bought it they would administer treatment. For $600.00 dollars and a 2 week stay the boy was able to limp out on his own. We bought him new clothes had a meal and sent him home and back to his village. Amazing experience and the look in that boys eyes was the richest gift I ever received. A fair amount of hugs and tears were shed by all involved.
Archie Carr, Naturalist, quote, “The larger Crocodilians are perversely unable to see the special nature of mankind and consequentially eat him from time to time.”


Up in the Gulf the crocodiles keep the sharks away. /s

We spent a lot of time in Florida and the Keys when I was kid. I always wanted to see a croc, but never did. Still haven’t managed to see one in the wild.


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